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Agricultural Technology

Feeding the nation

The Agricultural Technologies program is designed to prepare you to work in the field of agriculture and its related occupations. The agriculture industry provides jobs that require workers with a wide range of knowledge and skill. The curriculum at HCC will teach you basics in theory, principles, and techniques employed by the agricultural industry. You have course options available in the Sustainable Agricultural Course Track as well as the Agricultural Technology Course Track.

Where are the jobs?

Photo of tractor pulling a hay bailer.Our programs will prepare you with a range of skill and knowledge useful for jobs in agriculture and related occupations. The agriculture industry provides a variety of employment opportunities with some needing only minimal skills and others requiring in-depth knowledge and decision-making abilities. If you continue your education and complete a bachelor's degree, you may work in a number of industries including insurance, agricultural research, and agricultural supply/repair companies.

How Much Will I Earn?

Learn more about wages in this field of study at

Admission Requirements

This program has no special admission requirements. See the general college admission requirements.

What will I study? 

You will be studying proper field management, maintaining equipment, caring for animals, plant science, soils and fertilizers, precision agriculture, sustainable, environmental and organic agriculture, and computers in agriculture.  You can earn an associate of applied science degree in two years if you maintain full-time status.  See the Academic Plan for more information.

Academic Plans

  • Ag Tech Degree 2013-14--Current Curriculum (PDF  XLS)
  • Ag Tech (Sustainable Ag Track) Degree 2013-14--Current Curriculum (PDF XLS
  • Ag Tech Diploma 2013-14--Current Curriculum  (PDF  XLS)
  • Ag Tech Certificate 2013-14--Current Curriculum  (PDF  XLS

What kind of credentials can I earn?

Land Lab Results

The HCC Land Lab is partnered with Beck's to provide hands-on experience for HCC agriculture students. It also serves to provide yield data results from the crops grown.

2014 Land Lab Results

Farm Related Organizations

Henderson Community College offers a local collegiate chapter of the Kentucky Young Farmer Association. Contact Laura Winstead for more information.

Opportunities for More Education

This degree transfers to four-year institutions. See Laura Winstead, HCC Agriculture Program Coordinator on courses that transfer best.

College Agriculture Departments

For more information contact

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Program Coordinator
Arts & Sciences Building, Room 214