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Repeating Transitional Classes

Can I repeat a class?

According to the KCTCS policy, after a student has attempted the same course twice, he or she may be refused a third registration in the same course (KCTCS Catalog, 2013-2014, p. 60).

Based on the KCTCS policy, Henderson Community College has established a repeat policy for all transitional (brush-up or developmental) courses.

Students who fail to complete a transitional class a second time will be referred by the instructor, advisor, or division chair to the Transitional Education Status Review Committee. This committee will review the student’s overall academic progress and efforts the student has made to progress, and based on the review, could place conditions on the student’s continued enrollment. Those conditions might include but are not limited to:

  • Limiting the number of classes the student can take until he/she completes transitional education sequence
  • Requiring the student to submit a letter of support from a faculty member
  • Requiring regular tutoring during the semester
  • Dropping the student back a level
  • Requiring a midterm review to monitor the student’s progress
  • Requiring the student to complete additional remediation or provide evidence to support enrollment before the student is allowed to enroll in the class a 3rd time

What does this mean to you?

If you fail to pass a transitional course (RDG 20, RDG 30, ENC 90, ENC 91, MAT 55, or MAT 65) on your second attempt, you will need permission to take this course for the third time.

In order to gain permission you will need to do the following:

  • complete a repeat request form AND ask your instructor to complete a repeat referral form.
  • leave both completed forms with your advisor OR take them to David Fritts in A&S211 for Reading/English or Becky Wells in A&S213 for Math. Your and your instructor’s responses will be carefully reviewed by the Transitional Education Review Committee who, in return, will provide you with recommendations to make your next attempt more successful.

Why do you need to do this?

Besides this being an academic policy at HCC, this is also an opportunity for you to re-think your approach to this course. You might need to set new goals, change your priorities and study strategies, and/or find resources that will help you succeed.

How can you use this policy to your advantage?

When you receive recommendations from the Transitional Education Review Committee, please follow them. You might have to take classes at the Adult Learning Center before you are able to enroll in this course again. Use this opportunity to put your best effort forward and prove that you can succeed.