Medical Laboratory Technician

Academic Plans

Looking for scientists interested in medicine

Medical Laboratory Technicians are an essential part of the health care team. They perform tests critical to the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of disease processes. If you like laboratory testing, this program is for you. It leads to jobs in health care or research in all kinds of fields. You must be accurate, dedicated, skilled, and self-motivated.

How do I learn what to do?

You collect patient samples and conduct tests in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, serology, and urinalysis. You learn lab theory and lab practice and use these skills to help doctors analyze diseases.  Check the academic plan for more information.

student at microscopeWhat should I know going into the program?

MLT requires an aptitude for science and mathematics. The potential student must also possess the desire to serve others and demonstrate the highest degree of integrity, honesty, confidentiality, and responsibility.

What certificates or degrees can I get?


  • Physicians Office Laboratory
  • Phlebotomy for the Health Care Worker


  • Associate in Applied Science 

The pass rate on the national MLT(ASCP) certification exam, which all graduates of the MLT program at Henderson Community College are eligible to take, for the past 5 years is 93%.

What do I do with the certificate or degree?

MLTs work in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, research facilities, public health centers, veterinary offices, colleges, industry, and the armed forces. Graduates may transfer their credits toward a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Sciences).

How much will I earn?

Check to learn more about salaries in this field of study.


The MLT Program at Henderson Community College is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  

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Phlebotomy Certificate

A phlebotomy certificate can be obtained either through the MLT program, the Medical Assisting program, or independently. This certificate provides a student with the basic skills and practice to be able to perform phlebotomy. The certificate can be obtained through completion of MLT 101, PHB 151 and PHB 152 for those interested in MLT or a student can take MAI 120 and PHB 152 if interested in the Medical Assisting program. A student can also obtain a certificate by completing PHB 170 and PHB 152. With any of these plans, the phlebotomy certificate can be earned in one semester. Job opportunities are available in hospitals, doctors' office laboratories, and private medical labs.

Phlebotomy Program Brochure

The certificates are KCTCS certificates and are not accredited by NAACLS.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MLT program is to prepare the student at entry-level competency for gainful employment as a medical laboratory technician. Integral to this purpose is assisting students in the development of the technical skills and knowledge necessary to perform in the clinical laboratory.

For more information contact:

woman in white lab coat sitting at desk  Randa Hawa, MHSA, BS, MT(ASCP)
MLT Program Coordinator
Arts & Sciences Building, Room 103