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Medicaid Nursing Assistant

Medicaid Nursing Assistant Program

What will I learn?

The Nursing Assistant Program prepares a student to assume the role and responsibility that is required for a State Registered Nursing Assistant role within the state of Kentucky. This course meets the KY Medicaid training requirements. The student will gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide assistance to a nurse in providing basic care to clients in various healthcare settings. There are a total of 75 contact hours required including a minimum of 16 focused clinical hours at the end of the course.

Total Credit Hours: 3
Length of Program: 7 Weeks (Bi-term Course)
Term Program Begins: Each Spring, Summer and Fall

Academic Plan

  • Medicaid Nursing Assistant--Current Curriculum (PDF  XLS)

What are the requirements for the program?

  • acceptance to Henderson Community College
  • a complete admission file
  • have no conviction of an abuse related offense
  • hold a high school diploma or GED
  • pass COMPASS with minimum score of 80 in Reading, 64 in Writing, and 42 in Math. 

Career Opportunities/Job Outlook

At the successful completion of the program, the student will qualify to take the State Registered Nursing Assistant (SRNA) Certification Examination which is offered on campus and other KCTCS colleges. Please contact Ms. Dana Walker at 270-831-9740 for scheduling details. The current cost for this certification exam is $75.00. After successfully passing the SRNA exam, the student will be placed on the KY Nurse Aide Registry which allows potential employers to verify their training and certification.

Where are the jobs?

  • long-term care facilities
  • assisted living
  • hospitals
  • mental care facilities
  • home health agencies
  • hospice agencies.

Transfer Opportunities

This program is a requirement for acceptance into either the Associate Degree or Practical Nursing Programs at HCC and a student who is on the SRNA Registry will be awarded two additional points toward their total selective admission points.


Faculty who teach within the program have their BSN degrees as well as 7-10 years of nursing experience. Some faculty are also state approved SRNA certification testers.

KY Medication Aide Program

What will I learn?

The Kentucky Medication Aide (KMA) Program prepares an SRNA to dispense specific medications to individuals in facilities as delegated and supervised by licensed nurses. The course is 105 contact hours including 40 focused clinical hours at the end of the course.

  • Kentucky Medication Aide Certificate
  • Total Credit Hours: 5
    Length of Program: One semester
    Term Program Begins: Program begins with enough student interest and the intent is to have a class in the fall and spring semesters.

    What are the requirements for the program?

    Acceptance to Henderson Community College and a complete admission file, 6 months of work experience as a State Registered Nursing Assistant (SRNA) (documentation from employer required), have no conviction of an abuse related offense, hold a high school diploma or GED, pass COMPASS with minimum score of 80 in Reading, 64 in Writing, and 42 in Math.

    Career Opportunities/Job Outlook

    Graduates of the program qualify to take the Kentucky Medication Aide Certification Exam offered at HCC and other KCTCS colleges. The cost of the certification exam is $75.00. Upon successfully passing the certification exam, the student will gain recognition on the state registry as a KMA, in addition to their SRNA. In our community, most long-term care facilities will hire students who are KMA certified. Individuals who have earned their SRNA certification and successfully passed the second semester of the AD/PN Program, including a Pharmacology course, may qualify to challenge the KMA certification exam and could receive college credit hours by exam (associated testing and credit fees do apply). Please contact Mrs. Murch for details about the KMA challenge examination guidelines.

    Employers Who Have Hired Graduates with this Degree

    Redbanks, Colonial Terrace, Evansville State Hospital


    Faculty who have taught within the program have their MSN degree with 15-18 years of nursing experience.

    For more information contact:

    Photo of Dana Walker Dana Walker
    Administrative Assistant
    Academic & Technical Building, Room 314